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El Ranchito Jerky LLC was founded with a passion for creating high-quality, delicious beef jerky that embodies the essence of New Mexico's traditional flavors. The story began in 2012 when the founder's mother's entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to start selling homemade beef jerky from house to house in their neighborhood.


As the demand for their jerky grew, the founder's brother joined the business, and they expanded their business to different cities in the state of New Mexico attending events, flea markets, and selling their beef jerky out of concession trailers. They now have distribution throughout New Mexico, as well as areas of Colorado, Texas, Utah, and Arizona. With each sale, they refined their artisanal process to give their jerky a homemade flavor that people loved.


Today, the company takes pride in producing 13 different flavors of high-quality, handcrafted beef jerky using traditional techniques and a dedication to quality. They use thinly sliced, high-quality beef that is seasoned by hand to achieve a consistently delicious taste. Their jerky is cooked in small batches at low temperatures to preserve the full flavor and nutrients of the beef and spices.


At El Ranchito Jerky LLC, they believe that their passion for creating delicious beef jerky is what sets them apart. They are committed to producing the highest quality, handcrafted beef jerky for their customers while sharing their love of traditional New Mexico flavors with jerky lovers everywhere. Their family's constant support and gratitude to God have been instrumental in their growth and success, and they look forward to continuing to grow and expand their distribution.

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