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Our Christmas Beef Jerky is a special edition flavor that's perfect for the holiday season. We mix the delicious seasonings of our Red chile and Green chile Beef Jerky to create a festive snack that's full of flavor. Made with high-quality beef, salt, red chile, green chile, green jalapeno chile, and garlic, this jerky is a true celebration of the flavors of the Southwest. We take extra care in preparing our jerky, mixing the seasonings to create a unique and flavorful combination that's sure to please your taste buds. Our jerky is free from preservatives and MSG, so you can enjoy the full taste of the beef and spices without any unnecessary additives. Whether you're snacking at a holiday party or enjoying a quiet night in, our Christmas Beef Jerky is the perfect way to celebrate the season.


INGREDIENTS: Beef, Red Chile, Green Chile, Green Jalapeno Chile, Salt, Garlic.


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